Human Resource Activities and Strategies

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Nowadays, human resource management strategies became an essential part in an organization. Just like other strategies as marketing strategies or manufacturing strategies, human resource management strategies is functional strategies and they guide the actions to be taken within a specific function. For example, some HR activities like recruitment, selection training and development are guided by an organization’s HRM strategies.
In any organization, functional strategies aim to support the organization’s business strategies. As a result, HRM strategies have to focus on what lines management sees as the major business issues. Strategic Human Resource Management can effectively organize the workforce by the specific strategy,
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An example from Woolworths Limited is Woolworths Limited is one of the largest employers in Australasia, with more than 191,000 team members working in stores, support offices and distribution centre across Australia and New Zealand. Retailing is a highly people-focused business which is why recruiting and retaining great employees is critical to their success. They care passionately about their people and are committed to helping every employee realize their potential. Each year they invest millions of dollars in training and education programs to enable their employees to develop their careers within the company. Despite the large number of employees, but they have a clear distribution of responsibilities. Working at Woolworths is not just about working in stores. Their business is at the cutting edge of IT development, logistics and supply chain management, as well as construction, property management, legal, finance, HR, buying and marketing. Regarding to different job, they have different requirement from ability, skills, knowledge and qualification, in the perspective of job analysis, their HR manager achieve
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