Human Resource Business Strategy Plan

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Human Resource Business Strategy Plan 1 This is the proposed Human Resource business strategy plan for ABC Technologies. This strategy should work in conjunction with and in support of the ABC overall strategic plan of doubling in size over the next two years while recruiting and retaining top tier talent in an extremely competitive market. This HRM strategy will outline Human Resources role as strategic partners to success by developing initiatives in the areas of staffing and recruitment, compensation and benefits, training and retention, employee performance, diversity, workforce safety and compliance with labor laws and regulations. It is believed that HRM’s work in these areas will address ABC’s two most primary components to business…show more content…
Entry level positions, mid-level positions and senior positions are the three categories. Entry-level positions can be advertised on the company website as well as sites such as and For our entry-level technology positions we can seek to fill positions by recruiting directly to college campuses such as the Stevens Institute of Technology ("On-Campus Recruiting," n.d.). Mid-level positions & senior positions will be posted on the company’s website and on and but we will also enlist the help of professional recruiters to ensure that we acquire the best and most suited talent for our top positions. One such company is Technology Recruiting Solutions that has been specializing in locating and placing technology talent since 1999 ("On-Campus Recruiting," n.d.). HRM also recommends that ABC initiate an employee referral program that offers a $300 bonus for any employee that refers a mid-level to senior level full time candidate that is hired and retained for 120 days. It is recommended that referrals meet very specific minimum job requirements so as not to waste time and resources pursuing people who don’t meet expectations (Hakala, n.d.). Once applications are reviewed and selected the interview process will be tiered. All candidates will be phone interviewed first. This will limit the expense of out of town interviews to those who have been verified to meet the minimum requirements and make
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