Human Resource Department And Its Position At The Organization Chart

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PART I. GRAND CITY HOTEL JOB DESCRIPTION Job title: Human Resource Manager Department: Human Resource Department Reporting to: General Manager Date effective: 15th March 2016 JOB PURPOSE 1. Responsible for handling and managing every issue related to staffing and employment. 2. Cooperating with other departments to improve personnel development. SUMMARY OF RESPONSIBILITIES Key outcomes Key performance indicators 1. Work with other head departments to figure out vacancies in each outlet, then design recruitment advertising, jobs descriptions and broadcast them to employees and job seekers. 2. Interview, select applicants, provide information about policies, wage payments, employee benefits, welfare, discipline, job duties, working conditions and chances of promotion. 3. Perform essential employment issues include firing, punishment, solving conflicts, and handling disciplinary procedures. 4. Hold orientation events for all staff to popularize the aim and target of the organization, as well as to help them acknowledge about salaries, promotion activities and labour laws. 5. Expert in legislative employment procedures and policies. 6. Adjust wages and salaries payment based on current labour policies of consultative committees. 7. Be able to understand and resolve conflicts between staff and head departments to maintain good cooperation. 8. Occupational Safety and Health, anti-discrimination,
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