Human Resource Department

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Chapter 1 1: Explain how action-oriented HRM departments differ from people-oriented HRM departments. Action-oriented: Effective HRM focuses on action rather than on record keeping, written procedure, or rules. Certainly, HRM uses rules, record, and polices, but it stresses action. HRM emphasizes the solution of employment problems to help achieve organizational objectives and facilitate employees’ development and satisfaction. People-oriented: wherever possible, HRM treats each employee as an individual and offers services and programs to meet the individual’s needs. McDonald’s, the fast-food chain, has gone so far as to give an executive the title vice president of individuality. 2. Many organizations have had a difficult time…show more content…
They include: Equal employment opportunity and human rights legislation, which directly affects recruiting, selection, evaluation, and promotion, and indirectly affects employment planning, orientation, career planning, training, and development. Employment of illegal aliens. Discrimination based on sex, age, and disability. Privacy laws. Benefits regulation, which affects pensions and retirement. 2: What are the educational and behavioral factors that an HR manager must consider when staffing a division in a new geographic location? Examples include the number of skilled employees avaliable, attitudes toward education, and literacy level. Societies differ in factors such as attitudes toward wealth and profits, managerial roles,and authority. 3: Third-world nations are the most difficult to work in. Why? Third-world nations- the less developed countries- are the most difficult to work in bacause of sighificant constraints in terms of education, economic system,political structure, and the general infrastructure. 4: Which of these work-life balance programs would most appeal to you today, and why? a.Child care at or near the worksite b. Sick care for children and employees c. On-site summer camp d. Concierge services to assit with a wide variety of erands, from dry cleaning to making
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