Human Resource Department : The Human Resources Department

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What is the future of the Human Resources Department as we know it today? Do we still need this department or should we do away with it? Businesses today are debating these questions. Many companies are considering these question as most HR Departments are thought to be ineffective, incompetent, and costly as they are configured today (Ulrich, 1998). Human Resource Departments have never been more needed but they must change from being Administrative to being Strategic Contributors. (Ulrich) According to AON, a Human Resource Consulting Firm, the Human Resource Department main focus must be on service delivery (2016). The future will bring the need for more effective service delivery. HR will need to use the technology of today and of the future to fully meet the needs of the company and the employees of the future. (2016) The main focus of a Human Resource Department must be organizational excellence. The focus will be on learning, quality, teamwork and reengineering. (Ulrich) Human Resource Managers’ goals must be to have well trained employees with potential for advancement. Developing these employees will give you top performing leaders in the future. (Ingram, 2016) According to Ulrich, there are four ways that a Human Resource Department can deliver organizational excellence: “1) Become a partner with all senior and line managers in strategy execution, 2) Become an expert in how work is organized and executed to quality remains while costs are reduced. 3)
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