Human Resource Department : The Human Resources Department

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Companies are constantly competing to attract, hire, and retain talented employees. The human resources department has had an important role and underappreciated role in employee hiring and retention. Through the use of strategic human resource planning, human resources departments are able to benefit a company both directly and indirectly. A direct benefit of the human resources department is the support the department provides to line managers. Human resource department staff are available to provide support to line managers, but human resource staff should not supersede the line manager’s role in the hiring, appraising, and compensation of subordinates (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2016).
The human resources department needs to be viewed as a staff of internal consultants who work alongside managers to achieve long-term company goals and plans. “Firms are more likely to succeed when human resource practices are aligned with the needs of internal and external customers” (Wang & Niu, 2010). Managers should be given more independence when making hiring, appraising, and compensating subordinates.
The human resources department plays a crucial role in the hiring process. The human resources department is responsible for ensuring that a company’s hiring practices are consistent with the company’s current and future needs (Marques, 2006). Line managers typically have an adequate understanding of a company’s current needs, but line managers may be so busy
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