Human Resource Development ( Hrd )

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Human Resource Development (HRD) is a function of an organization aims to provide the benefits to stakeholders especially to employees, society and organization or employer. The purpose of establishing HRD department within the organizations is to provide the personal development opportunities to staff for their career by offering them mentoring, personal planning, professional training, education, and so on, which could contribute in their personal development and ensure proper functioning of the organization (Swanson & Holton, 2001). On the other hand, HRD sometimes creates tensions between the stakeholders. Here, 'tension ' means a problematic state or a situation that could lead to dissatisfaction of any stakeholder (Autio, 2005).. However, in this essay, HRD benefits and effects i.e. tensions are discussed in context of the selected stakeholder i.e. employees, employers and society. It focuses on finding the effects on others while meeting the interests of any one of these stakeholders. Finally, by providing the outline of benefits provided by HRD, the conclusion is expressed. The accomplishment of HRD benefits to the employees, employer and society may also create some tensions because of the lack of integrity among them. Moreover, the provision of these benefits also results in increase the cost or expenses of an organization, which could lead to diverse concerns and challenges. There are many other reasons which create the tensions are discussed here according to
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