Human Resource Development Of Samsung

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Executive summary: In order to conduct any business operation of the organization, human resources are the most important element. Human resource development is the study which includes the overall improvement of the human resources of the organization. Human resource development is very important part of the overall development of the whole organization. We conduct an assignment on Human Resource Development of Samsung. The assignment has four parts. The first part of the assignment indicates the understanding of the learning theories and learning styles. The second part of the report indicates how we are able to plan and design training and development. The third part of the report indicates how we are able to evaluate a training event.…show more content…
Several learning styles are followed by the different organizations in the world. Individuals may differ from one another on the basis of how they learn and practice. The various comparisons of various learning styles shown in human resource development program are given below:  Visual style: In human resource development program, visual learning is one of the common learning styles in the organization. People prefer to use pictures, symbols and even some colors for learning purpose in visual learning style. In visual learning process, the human resource managers are using some pictures, images in order to make clear understanding about how they behave in different situations. Various different colors are used in visual learning styles in order to highlight the main or important part of the learning event.  Intrapersonal styles: Intrapersonal learning style is another common learning style used in human resource development program. Sometimes people want to learn through self-study and do not prefer to work with others. In this style, people want to work alone and maintain self study.  Auditory-musical style: People want o learn by using some music and sounds in order to learn in auditory-musical learning style.  Interpersonal style: Sometimes people want to learn through group activities or by working with some people. This process is known as interpersonal style of learning. The group learning process is mainly indicated by
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