Human Resource Development

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Research Article focuses on the analysis and resolution of managerial issues based on analytical and empirical studies. A Study of HRD Concepts, Structure of HRD Departments, and HRD Practices in India T V Rao, Raju Rao, and Taru Yadav Human Resource Development (HRD) as a function has evolved in India indigenously from the year 1975 when Larsen&Toubro (L&T) conceptualized HRD as an integrated system and decided to separate it from the personnel function. Since then, most organizations have started new HR departments or redesignated their personnel and other departments as HRD departments. Today, there are high expectations from HRD. Good HRD requires well-structured function, appropriately identified HRD systems, and competent staff to…show more content…
Structurally, HRD is to be a subsystem of HRF and integration of this with the other two subsystems (Personnel Administration and Worker Affairs) is to be done by a person at the Director level (for example, Vice-President — Personnel & HRD), through task forces and subsystem linkages. Inter-system 1. linkages were outlined between various HRD subsystems to have an integrated system. Pareek and Rao also outlined a philosophy for the new HR system, which included 14 principles to be kept in mind while designing the HRD system. These principles deal with both the purpose of HRD system and the process of its implementation (see Box). In essence, the Integrated HRD Systems Approach of Pareek and Rao (1975) has the following elements: • A separate and differentiated HRD depart ment with full time HRD staff. • Six HRD subsystems including OD. • Interlinkages between the various subsys tems. • Designed with 14 principles in mind. • Linked to other subsystems of HRF. After L&T accepted these recommendations in full and started implementing them, the State Bank of India (the single largest Indian Bank) and its Associates decided to use the Integrated HRD Systems Approach and created a new HRD Department. By mid-80s, a large number of organizations in India had established HRD departments. Box: Principles of HRD System HRD system should help the company to increase enabling capabilities which include: development of human resources in all aspects, organizational health,
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