Human Resource Essay

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Identify the compelling arguments for and against one of the following policies in a developing country. Include the perspective of the host country itself, the MNE, and the local workforce affected. Choose one Child labor is a major problem in many developing countries of Asia and Africa. Child labor occurs is places where there is poverty and lack of education facilities. In many countries parents need to pay for education which they cannot afford. While some children at times even work to pay for their own education. They don’t have a healthy upbringing. They can be prone to various air-borne diseases due to direct contact with hazards chemicals in factories. The tasks that the children do are physically demanding. This make them…show more content…
The Act aimed to prohibit the entry of children into hazardous occupations and to regulate the services of children in non-hazardous occupations. Various measures have being taken by the government to reduce child labor by introducing special school with free education and nourishment by providing food. This introduction has led to reduction of child labor practices in most parts of the country. From the point of global ethic many of these ethics collide with government priority in attracting and retaining MNEs. One biggest fear that government has with taking action against the unfair practices is loss of investment from the MNE which would eventually lead to economic downturn for the country. Most MNE who have offshore there company operation of the supply chain and production of their products to sub contractors in developing countries like India, Honduras, El Salvador etc. many multinational have been accused for condoning to practices like minimum pay with lengthy hours, child labor and unsafe work environment which are against the law in their home countries. In the 1990 there was huge public uproar which resulted in action by NGO, government and UN bodies. Many western consumers boycotted the product produced by these MNE. With MNE brand reputation and corporate image at stake they put in place their own code of conduct even
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