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Human Resources Project Paper Zach Newcomb BUS303 Human Resource Management Dr. Amy E. Kramer PhD 4/15/2012 Interview Project Paper Introduction According to the Princeton Review, “Human resources managers handle personnel decisions, including hiring, position assignment, training, benefits, and compensation. Their decisions are subject to some oversight, but company executives recognize their experience and skill in assessing personnel and rely heavily on their recommendations.” .Human Resource Managers deal with adversity on a daily basis and it is their job to be strict and fair. In this essay the issues of Incentive Rewards, safety in the workplace, employee benefits, and implementing compensation. Also included in…show more content…
We would like to keep all of our district managers for a long time. They make the company what it is today. Is it better to have group team compensation or individual compensation? What does Aldi’s use? Why do they use that method? We use individual compensation because we feel that each individual has a responsibility with the company and most of the branches in the company involve individual managers. What sort of incentive programs do you believe works the best for your employees? Long term benefits such as a retirement and health plan. It keeps the employee happy and it keeps them happy after their time at Aldi’s. We also offer a stock option plan for employees so if they would like to invest in the company they can. I personally like the stock option plan because it provides an income after retirement. Safety in the workplace What are the challenges of maintaining a safe work environment? Since we are a grocery store, we do have merchandise on high shelves. We emphasize to our store managers that the employee should seek assistants if they need help. We had a case years ago when an employee had a box of meat fall on her and she ended needing surgery. We try to emphasize safety first. We don’t want anyone getting hurt. How do you meet federal standards? The employee reads the employee handbook so the
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