Human Resource Function Of A Company

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Introduction The human resource function of a company can easily be deemed as the most important section of a company. Human resource management is considered the lifeline of an organization mainly because it plays a major role with the hiring of staff, ensures the health and well-being of employees while working, and ensures the organization is in compliance going forward. Importance of Human Resource Management From a budget control standpoint, human resources explore methods to save the organization expenses on items such as wages, benefits, and uniforms if necessary. These savings are produced by conducting effective studying of the labor market and determining the realistic wage to pay employees. In addition, human resource management conducts negotiations on negotiable items to alleviate budget constraints by all means. Budget control and sustaining business essentially go hand in hand. An organization with smart and effective spending habits will have a better chance of gaining more business opportunities due to available resources. Conflict resolution and maintaining the organization’s image in a positive way is also a main concern of human resource management. Every organization wants to be known as a great place to work, and a place that treats employees fairly and produces good products. Human resources plays an intricate role in shaping the public perception of the organization. This task is achieved by hiring highly competent and qualified applicants
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