Human Resource Functions Of The Human Resources Department

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Do you remember when you first decided to start a small business. The vision was clear and the excitement drove us from imagination to plan to reality. But, before we knew it, we went from happily wading in the waters of our areas of expertise into the deep and sometimes turbulent waves of the unknown; Human Resources. Human Resource functions include: Payroll, Employment Tax, Recruitment, Hiring, Employee Relations, Termination, Regulatory Compliance and Training to name a few. Each of these functions demanded specific skill sets and experience. They also began to expend valuable time and resources.
The reality is that when reviewing a successful business plan there are two major areas to consider; Revenue streams and cost centers. Well run companies maximize revenue streams and maintain or decrease financial output to cost centers. That’s how small businesses grow and prosper. The Human Resources department has always been viewed as a cost center. At best, operating a well run HR function can be a costly venue. The flip side of that coin is that mistakes or missteps in Human Resources could cost a company millions or even worse, put them out of business.
When considering whether to outsource Human Resources, organizations should first analyze and prioritize what specific HR functions the company needs to focus on. Enlist an HR outsourcing company to perform a low cost Human Resources Audit. A reputable HR outsource company will usually not charge more than…
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