Human Resource Information System And Human Resources Essay

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1. Human Resource Information System is also known as Human Resource Management System, which is the integration of information technology and human resources through Human Resource software. The system enables Human Resource activities or processes electronically occur.
Human Resource Information System is a technological solution to help corporates to solve human resource activities through software. Activities include human resources, accounting, management and payroll. The software also helps in budgeting costs of human resources more effectively and efficiently. The system also helps in managing and controlling human resource activities with only reasonable resources.
HRIS also increases the efficiency in making HR decisions in higher quality, as well as the productivity of both managers and employees.

2. Staff Induction Policy is a set of documents guiding induction program, aims to provide an introduction to new employees so to let them know about their role, their position and job responsibilities in the business.
In general speaking, the policy usually includes policy statement having a brief background information.
Then, most of the policies specify the group of people and the areas that it is targeting, and also the vision of the policy.
A specific section of objectives of the induction is also very popular.

Background: Effective induction program is essential for employee to know more about the company and contribute. The program helps staffs to pick up their
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