Human Resource Information System Application

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HRIS Application People play an important role in every organization. Therefore, in order to manage their attendance, activities and performance along with the company's recruitment, hiring process and other function, there is a human resource management system present which is more of a software application to carry on such tasks. To be more precise, a human resource information system (HRIS) is an application which is based on the computer. The purpose of HRIS is not only to gather but also process all the data which is related to the HRM function. It is a way of storing and recording data which helps employees with tasks such as decision making, planning, executing and the preparation of reports. When it comes to making the complete use of computer applications, it is true that the field of HRM was not efficient enough to go ahead of other management areas. The record system was usually manual especially in the human resource department as the use of computer applications was quite limited and specific to few departments which were actually using main frame computers which required a lot of assistance from the professionals of information system department. Consequently, the human resource managers had very limited opportunity of designing reports and incorporating decisions using computer applications. In this regard, studies suggest that approximately 70 percent of the total HR personnel time is allocated to administrative work (Barron, 2002). Interestingly,
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