Human Resource Information Systems ( The )

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Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System. Essentially, an information system is a tool utilized by companies and organizations to improve the quality of the workplace and the efficiency of output that an employee may produce or in other words, an electronic supervision system. (Periysamy, M. N., & Amsa, A) There are multiple categories of HRIS systems which may then be simplified into more specific types of systems within each category. For example some of those categories include operational, tactical, strategic, limited-function and even medical oriented HRIS management systems. Tactical information systems generally serve their purpose whenever a critical decision is required for an issue dealing with the distribution of assets among a company. This may also include compensation and development as well. (Slides & Notes. 2011, February 16) To break down tactical information systems further, it is dissected into four main sub-groups. These sets are design & job analysis, recruitment, compensation & benefits, and training & development. (Kumar, R. 2012) Design & job analysis principally gathers information from external sources and communication with the superiors in the workplace, as well as labor unions and agencies owned by the government. (Kumar, R. 2012) Furthermore, design & job analysis information systems provide data that consists of anything resembling a description or summarization of the actual work
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