Human Resource Is An Ever Changing Process

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Human resource is an ever changing process in today society. There are a lot of circumstances to consider now. Before business structures would hire people depending on the demand that the factory was outputting. Now there are a lot of factors to consider. For example, what market is doing well, can the business afford to hire more employees, and so on. In this paper I want to give an in depth description of Human Resources in the 21 Century.
I want to start with the environmental pressure that are faced in human resources. The first is government regulations. Government regulations are the guild line to what someone can and can’t do in human resources. It is the guild line that most go off of in the hiring process for particular
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They would have to give reason. For example, being late to the job consecutively, stealing from the job, or harassing an employee. There are more, but these are the few that I wanted to point out. Staying inside government regulations is a must if a business wishes to succeed in the business world.
Human resources faces increasing globalization. There are a lot of people in the 21th century but not enough jobs to support everyone and their needs. It is up to human resources to locate a particular individual and match them to the best position that they see fit for them to work. Putting an employee in the wrong position hinders their ability. For example, if you put a fry cook on cashier, he might not know what to do. Especially in a situation where he has been a fry cook his whole life. In this situation I wouldn’t see the company getting the best use out of the employee. Now, if the employee was put in a fry cook position in the beginning he/she will have less training and more orders filled than in the other situation. This is the same as hiring an employee. You have to make sure they fit the role in that best suits the company. Hiring the wrong person for the job is not only a waste of time, it also is a waste of the company resources with more training needed. There isn’t enough time to put an employee in every position and try them out to see if it works. That’s where an assessment
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