Human Resource Issues and Strategy Essay

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MGB207 Human Resource Issues and Strategy Assessment 2: Case Study Report Lecturer: Muhammad Ali Name: Emma Read Student Number: 7666748 Word Count: 1595 Executive Summary Consolidated Global Mining Services are currently facing an array of issues within the company. This report identifies the Human Resource issues and Non-Human Resource issues, in addition to the most important HR issue faced by CGMS. The HR issues identified within CGMS are as follows:- 1. Poor job analysis; and 2. Overstaffing The Non-HR issues identified withim CGMS are as follows:- 1. Lack of cash flow; and 2. Lack of information systems The most important HR issue identified is the lack of Organisational Structure. The…show more content…
While costs need to be cut, CGMS is also concerned with preserving human capital. This is reiterated by Flynn (2009), warning employers to be mindful of prematurely cutting staff, as it can be challenging and expensive finding qualified employees when the economy rebounds. CGMS additional Non-HR issue is the lack of information systems. Despite CGMS being regarded as a ‘high-tech’ company, in other respects it appears to be very old-fashioned, as their lack of appropriate information system indicates. Adeoti-Adekeye (1997) states that management information and information systems, are regarded as valuable organisational resources. 2.3 Most Important HR Issue After reviewing the Human Resource issues affecting CGMS, it is apparent that the most important is the current Organisational Structure of the company. The structure of CGMS is described as “sort of a hybrid between functional and project-orientated. Not really a matrix structure, it was more informal” (Waight, n.d,). Stone (2010) notes that organisations with wide spans of control tend to be more flexible and informal, and the organisational structure of a company has a powerful influence over the types of employees that are required for its success. Stare (2011) describes project-based orientation as, a project being assigned to a group of employees who’s sole task is to work on that project. In contrast to this, a functional oriented organisation is a classical
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