Human Resource Maintenance

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Human Resource Maintenance

Its function includes: 1. Worker Orientation 2. Physical working conditions 3. Motivation 4. Performance evaluation 5. Compensation Administration 6. Management-labor relations & movement

1. Worker Orientation
It is a procedure for providing new employees with basic background information about the firm. It refers to the assistance given to the newly hired employee in adjusting to the new work environment
Importance: there is hardly any graduate from any school or any experienced worker who is fully equipped with the specific knowledge and skills needed for his new job. Hence, the need for orientation.

It provides new employees with the basic background information required to
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•Evaluation should be discussed privately with the workers by his superior.
•Negative performance evaluation should be taken seriously by the supervisor.
•Corrective measures should be initiated immediately

Purpose of performance evaluation:

•To guide decisions on movement among personnel.
•To determine salary adjustments, pay increase and fringe benefits.
•To determine training needs.
•To standardize procedures.
•Provide basis on career planning.
•Serve as formal records or evidences in labor management disputes in grievance procedures.

5. Compensation Administration

Definition: The equivalent in any form that is given to the individual for his work.
•It includes the reward structure, its philosophy and bases.

•Intrinsic – workers’ involvement
•Extrinsic – direct compensation * Basic salary or wage * Overtime & holiday pay * Performance bonuses * Profit sharing and stock options
•Indirect compensation – protection program, pay for time not worked, services & perquisites.
•Fringe benefits – sick leave, maternity & paternity leaves, insurance & etc.
•Non-financial compensation – material & physical accoutrements.

Employee benefits are non-incentive-oriented compensation, such as health insurance and free parking, and are often used to transfer nontaxed compensation to employees. The three major categories of benefits managed by HRM
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