Human Resource Managament Case Study Essay

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1.0 CASE STUDY: Human Resource Management issues at Xrok Co.
The president of Xrok Co. has called a meeting to get your feedback on Jack, a department manager. Jack is what some people call “from the old school” of management. He is gruff, bossy, and often shows an “it’s my way or the highway” attitude. Jack is about five years from retirement.
Jack has a high labour turnover rate in his department. There have been several complaints on company surveys about him from his department and from outside his department. People have commented on the fact that Jack is “rude” during meetings and doesn’t let others contribute. There are times when he has belittled people in meetings and in the hallway. He also talks about his staff “critically” or
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Business planning is very important for an organisation. Many businesses prepare business plan before starting a business. However human resource planning should be included in the business plan as staffing is very important for the success of an organisation. Failing to anticipate personnel’s needs can impact on the overall business success.
The success of a business is directly linked to the performance of human resource planning and they are the one who work in the organisation. It is very important to put efforts on human resource planning as hiring the wrong person or failing to anticipate fluctuations in hiring needs can be very costly to the organisation. Human resources generally refer to an internal department that handles the hiring, training and paying of employees. Without adequate staff, in terms of quantity and quality, a business will be unprepared to implement its plan.
2.2 Human resource planning Figure 1.1
According to Robbins and Coulter (2005), Human Resource Planning is “the process by which managers ensure that they have the right number and kinds of people in the right places, and at the right times, who are capable of effectively and efficiently performing their tasks.”
The objectives of human resource planning are to:
• Ensure sufficient supply of manpower as and when required.
• Ensure proper use of existing human
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