Human Resource Management: A Notes On Human Resources Management Planning

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1. What is Human Resources Management Planning?
Organizational culture is significant in nowadays. Strong organizational culture leads to strong company. Employee motivation, work performance, internal communication, brand image, employee loyalty etc. are depend on effective human resources management planning. Company should have effective HRM plan. HRM plan should make in term of organizational culture, structure and values. HRM plan is the first step of being professional. All organizational dynamics are related to HRM Planning. Changing is important in business life because of fast innovation. This planning should include current issues. Human resources means strategic planning.
The company cannot create a good team
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They need more effective and regular human resources management practices. Their market share is getting bigger. Their all competitive has more professional HRM because their competitive are private company but they are cooperative. They have one human resources management department for cooperative. They should more (one for production part, one for cooperative part) because they have also other responsibilities for cooperative members.
The cooperative is developing and they should support to be strong for competitive. If they have effective HR plan, their motivation, work place quality, employee skills etc. develop automatically. These are lead to growth of market share. They will gain competitive advantages.
They design effective action plan and this plan should be evaluated and criticized in significant time. They should check how plan is working? How much can we succeed? Which part need adaptation or change? and more. All plan needs effectiveness measures.
All reasons and process were explained in first part, why Tire Süt needs HR plan is explained in second

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