Human Resource Management : A Strategic Partner At All Times

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It is critical for human resources management to be a strategic partner at all times in the business environment. The leaders of management are required to make sound and competent decisions that will have a positive impact on their organization. Some reasons why human resource departments choose to be strategic may be partly due to profit, perceptions, funding resources and the overall values of the company. First, “the concept of profitability is the primary driving force behind strategic management” (Mayhew, 2015).

When human resource managers choose to train employees or enhance their skills for the specified positions, then it improves the employee’s productivity and level of engagement. Since the 1980’s, human resource management were perceived to be limited in their functioning, such as only hiring employees and terminating them. But that have significantly changed and employers have realized the importance of maintaining longevity with their employees to keep them satisfied in their position. Third, the funding resources should be broken down into designated categories. For instance, the funding could be set for continuing education, so that the employees could be refreshed on their skills for the necessary functions of their position.

Any type of human resource activity will strengthen the position of the company in a competitive business environment. When human resources take care of their employees, it attracts new talent to the company. While on the other…

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