Human Resource Management : A Theoretical Perspective

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Human Resource Management in 21st Century: A Theoretical Perspective Dr.Sushma Tiwari,Faculty,Deptt.of MBA(HRD),A.P.S.University,Rewa(M.P.) ABSTRACT- This article focuses upon role of human resource management practice in 21st century. This theoretical paper is aiming the importance of human resource managers, HR practices and its influencing factors. In addition to that, this article also elaborates the upcoming challenges which are faced by 21st century HR managers. Author has conducted HR literature analysis in order to present emerging issues, challenges and practices of human resource management discipline in context of 21st c. Keywords:- importance of HRM 21st Century, HR manager, HR challenges, globalization, issues, strategies,…show more content…
With the 21st century in motion human resource management will face some of the old struggles and HR will be forced to face many new challenges. The main objective of HR is to recruit, retain, train, retrain and keep workers satisfied. Indeed, these responsibilities can be challenging in the 21st century, especially with changing roles, a multi-generational workforce, and globalization. Parallel with the change in the global arena, the qualification of the workforce has been changed. The changes of the workforce required a shift from traditional personal management to human resource management. With the evolution of HRM, this field has gain a more strategic perspective in both academic literature and practice. Human resources have started to be seen as an inimitable and most valuable factor for organizations to gain competitive advantage. With this perspective, HRM department has gain more importance and become strategic players in the organization. Today, the new HRM requires being strategic partner in the organization by aligning all the HR functions with the mission, vision and strategies of the organization. In these pieces of paper we have discussed those foremost challenges which are confronting today Organization. To overcome these challenges the HR mangers will have to build a standard structure that allows managing all different workforce alternatives. This way the organization maintains their
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