Human Resource Management : Abc Technology

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Human Resources Management Name: Rosana Dallien Human Resource Management: ABC Technology The recent years have seen human resource (HR) managers become strategic business partners. They now play an integral role in ensuring the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. It is through their strategies that people in an organization embrace the right behaviors essential to business survival (Stredwick, 2013). ABC Technology has been experiencing a number of issues that have impacted its ability to attract and retain the best talent. It is imperative for HR managers in the organization to embrace certain tactics to deal with the issue. In essence, the need to act as strategic partners to achieve HR goals and objectives as well as enables their firm to meet its strategic objectives. This paper examines how human resource managers serve as strategic business partners, explain policies, procedures, and practices of human resource managers, and identify disciplines of HRM. How Human Resource Managers Act as Strategic Business Partners Consistent with the case study, ABC technology has been facing the issue of staffing and retention. The company can attract the best talent in the market. However, the nature of the work handled by employees has resulted in high turnover rate. The company ends up incurring high expenses in regards to recruitment and selection. Essentially, it is forced from time to time to recruit new employees to replace those who are
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