Human Resource Management : An Integral Sector

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Human resource is an integral sector in any form of organization. Governments as well as the private organizations use human resource sector to manage personnel working in various departments of the firms. However the human resource sector keeps changing and the organizations also have to formulate different ways of managing the sector to ensure that it is productive. Battaglio (2014) addresses the dynamism of the human resource in the public sector in the United States in such a dynamic world. The perpetual change of how the human resource management run in the US has led to redefinition of the human resource management roles and their relevance in the public sector. This chapter emphasizes on the need to maintain professionalism in the…show more content…
The institutions must abide to the civic laws. These laws are complex and oftentimes made uniform. They are not based on the context hence making it hard for the public organizations to cope up with the changing environments. Purpose and Significance In this book, the author aims at evaluating the plight of the human resource management in a perpetually changing environment in the USA federal government. He seeks to establish the changing roles of the human resource sector given the bureaucratic constraints associated with it. The author cites critiques’ views of the HR as a body that traditionally has been blamed for taking a stance that tends to oppose the management. He asserts that the department was negative about their administrative role often hindering the management from achieving set goals. It has also been blamed for excessively concentrating on the rules and regulations rather than the results and the changing environment which sought a new approach. This challenge saw a campaign for reforms in a bid to make the sector more responsive to the changing environment surrounding it. The likes of Alan Campbell (1978), championed the need for change. His campaign led to the formulation of Civil service Reform Act in 1978. The HR attitude led to a lift between the HR personnel and the management. The human resource sees itself as the people
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