Human Resource Management : An Organization

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According to Greer, Youngblood, and Gray (1999), it appears that in today’s business environment, one might argue that human resource management (HR) departments are being questioned to change what is described as their bureaucratic culture and to be customer –oriented, and provide outstanding service. Thus, in order to accomplish this, one might argue that it requires outsourcing in combination with an internal HR focus on a particular organization’s core competencies, particularly when it means developing an alliance with an HR service provider (Greer et al., 1999).
However, Suhasini, Rajan, Sushma (2013) explained that once a particular organization makes the decision to outsource a particular HR activity, it usually begins with searching for a HR vendor that is willing to provide a low-cost and high quality service. According to Sushasini et al. (2013), apart from this, there are other factors that the particular outsourcing organization might need to consider in order to maintain what is described as a vibrant and lasting outsourcing relationship. This is because, one might argue that outsourcing is a long-term alliance, and oftentimes assume the role of a partnership between a particular outsourcing organization and HR vendor/service provider. For instance, one of the factors that a particular organization might need to consider is integrity between the outsourcing organization and HR vendor. This is where a particular outsourcing organization develops a
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