Human Resource Management : An Organization Essay

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Abstract Human resource management plays an intricate role to at every company. The human resource profession has grown rapidly throughout the years creating multiple departments which specialize in specific areas. Categorized as a large corporation, Nestle Purina Petcare Company utilizes all functions of HR management. Having an organized and developed HR team allows the company to function and develop efficiently. There are seven main functions in which human resource management can be categorized. One of the functions is strategy and planning which includes HR effectiveness, metrics, technology, planning, and retention. Equal Opportunity Employer is another function of HR management which deals with the company’s compliance to the EEO law as well as with the creating a diverse environment. Another functions is Staffing which focuses on job analysis, recruiting, and selection for the company. Also, Talent Management and Development is another important function which deals with the orientation of new employees, the development and succession for current employees, career planning, and performance management. Another one of the HR management functions is Rewards which includes employee compensation, incentives, and benefits. Risk management and worker protection is another function in HR management which includes the health, safety, and security of employees. Lastly, the HR function of Employee Labor Relations which includes employee rights and privacy, HR policies, and
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