Human Resource Management : An Organization

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Human resource management is the all about of recruitment, employee’s selection, providing necessary training and skill development, assessment of employees, and all other factors related to the employees in organization.
Human: refers to the skilled and unskilled workforce in the organization
Resource: refers to limited availability of scarce
Management: refers to the process of coordination of human resource in organization to get the best results is called management.
Human resource management is the process of maximises utilization of available skilled workforce. The main key role of HRM is to get best results out of available human resource in organization. Human resource management is the back bone of any organization. Human resource management plays an important vital role to achieve high targets with minimum use of resources. Human resource management provides benefits, motivation, maintain proper relationship with labour, maintain employees’ safety, and all other issues linked with employees working in organization. There is a human mind behind the production of every product or service, hard work, effort or man hours. It is impossible to produce any product or service without help of human. Human being is the main resource for making or constructing anything.
According to Edwin Flippo HRM is “planning, organizing, directing, controlling of procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance and separation of
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