Human Resource Management : An Organization

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Due to changes in the work environment to include globalization, technological changes, and tougher competition, Human Resource Management has taken on roles that have intermeshed them with the company as a strategic partner rather than just an individualized operating type system focused on simple tasks. Critical to a corporation’s growth and success is their ability to gain a competitive edge. Superior Human Resource Management assists the organizations fulfill its goals and attain success. This paper will outline why it is essential for Human Resource Management to transform beyond its administrative and operational functions to a strategic partner within an organization.
Human Resource Management is the backbone of an organization.
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Human Resource Management has been changing for several years. The move from "personnel" to "human resources," for example, was part of the movement to acknowledge the value of employees as an organizational resource, and was an attempt to remove some of the stigma that was coming to be associated with slow, bureaucratic personnel departments” (May, 1998, para. 2). With this change, HR took on a strategic role by providing business decisions that would bring employees to the forefront. Strategic HR focuses on both the internal and external relationships versus just the employee relationships found under the traditional function. This allows for them to have an understanding of the factors that affect employees, allowing analyzing of personnel rather than solely the relationships providing a systematic approach at all levels rather than just at the lowest (Rao, 2012).
Merely acting in a support role as seen in the older models of the HR function will not lead a business to soar in productivity or reach increased profit margins; in fact, the opposite may be true. An industry may see a decrease as it may find itself on the losing end. “The most effective way we know to change the calculus is to develop a measurement system designed to link people, strategy, and performance” (Becker, Huselid & Ulrich, 2001, p. xii). Strategic HRM works to incorporate all of the traditional roles with
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