Human Resource Management And A Business Or Organizations Performance Essay

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Studies and researches showed the direct and strong relationship between human resource management and a business or organizations performance. In such a tough and competitive industry like retail industry Target is able to reserve a top spot and maintain a very high performance to keep the brand name as one of the best and largest retailer nationwide. Target invest high in its employee to prepare them to be future managers that able and capable of take responsibility and add values to the business. The company HR strategies are keys factors to build a workforce that add values and meet customers and stakeholder satisfaction. The company HR strategies and programs are based on Target’s competitive strategy to help and enable building a brand name and high performance as well as stable workplace. Human resource management strategy at Target is basically using high qualified human resources to improve and enhance the company performance and provide a kind of competitive advantage that is not easy to copy. Target HR strategy is the backbone of the business success and create a source of competitive advantage and consistently add values. That is being done by forming teams that work together to achieve excellence and fulfill Target’s mission and vision. That is summarized in four main areas which are Staffing, Organizational culture, Employee development and retention. Target is able to find the best talented people through an active recruiting around the nation as well as
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