Human Resource Management And Business Strategy Essay

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Increased integration between human resource management and business strategy is one of the most m important demands that are placed upon modern strategic human resource management. In both the management and the academic literature, it is generally acknowledged that the strategic deployment and management of personnel can contribute to the success and continuity of the firm. Some go even further by stating that a firm’s human resources form the basis of the firm’s competitive advantage.
In this view, the human resources are the most important assets of an organisation. At the same time, in addition to the importance of the human resources as such, it is believed to be impora tant that the management of the human resources should be in perfect fit with the management of the organisation as a whole and its strategic plans.
However, despite these optimistic accounts, it is clear that the implementation of strategic human resource management is difficult and to date, has diffused only to a limited extent (Rowland &
Summers, 1981; Lorange & Murphy, 1984; Nkomo, 1984; Golden & Ramanujam, 1985; Mills, 1985;
Buller & Napier, 1993). The literature often refers to a relatively small number of success stories. In other instances, the literature provides rather normative models of strategic human resource management, models which are still in need of being the subject of practical experiences and empirical e testing. Also, in general, most literature is mainly concerned with ‘what’
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