Human Resource Management And Construction Industry

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• Introduction: There are different types of businesses operating all around the world for improving the living standards of human kind, whereas construction industry is providing efficient structures for domestic living, travel and business purposes. The construction industry is considered very risky field of operation due to more physical labour required for completing the projects. There are different stages of construction projects, whereas large number of workforce is completing these stages of construction projects. The management of employees is important for any kind of organisation, whereas human resource management plays vital role for managing diverse employees in their organisation. There are different theories and models of human resource management, whereas some models are directly applicable for construction projects. Also, there are three key focuses of human resource management in construction industry such as human focus, resource focus and management focus. (Wilkinson et al., 2012). The management focus is important for managing both employees and resources in construction industry. Therefore, this report is providing complete information about different models and theories of HRM in general, whereas management focus is described in detail to analyse the merits and demerits of human resource management. • Human Resource Management in Construction Industry: Human resource management (HRM) plays vital role in construction projects by providing efficient
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