Human Resource Management And Employee Engagement

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The management of Human Capital has always been very crucial in any kind of business. Human Resource Management has been in existence before the term was even coined. Earlier, the management was more authoritative and did not need close observation and engagement although motivation and punishment were the factors influencing. But with the increasing competition; awareness and literacy amongst the workers and evolving work rights, Human Resource Management and Employee engagement have become very critical in deciding the success of an organization.
“But is employee engagement something new, or simply old wine (long-standing management approaches) in new (fashionable management-speak) bottles?” (Macleod, 2009)
Although Employee Engagement does have some basic overlapping with some basic management theories like commitment, ‘organisational citizenship behaviour’, job involvement and job satisfaction, it still holds some substantial difference in this approach.
I am writing about Employee Engagement to learn and discuss how Employee Engagement helps in smooth and successful functioning of a company and achieving organizational goals by enhancing the performance of the workforce and learning about the factors influencing the individual behaviour within an organization and hence Employee Engagement.
This piece of writing is to understand the concept of Employee engagement, its challenges and strategies, influential factors and their benefits. The study of Individual cognitive
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