Human Resource Management And Employee Retention And Skill Enhancement

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Introduction: Human resource management is a process of dragging people and organizations together to meet their goals. Human resource managers are facilitator for the employees, employers and other stakeholders. The role of HR manager is turning to originator and change promoter .The major human resource challenges emerging from this upgrading .In today 's scenarios, organizations which are practicing globization continually involving HR managers to carry on with this outlook and to get growth in organizational performance . The center of present HR Manager is on employee retention and skill enhancement. HR professionals will be guide and progression inventors to help motivate employees and their loyalty. The HR manager will also encourage and battle for morals, principles, traits, and devotion within their organizations, especially in case of workplace diversification. HR can help provide organizational superiority by means of three methods. First, HR should become a significant management partner for strategy implementation. Second, HR should contribute proficiency in the competent and operational work enactment to maintain quality at low cost. Third, HR should represent the points of the employees to leadership and working with employees to rise and ensure their talent to contribute to the organization through their ability and obligation. HRM can empower firms to sustain their development, enhance their economic opportunities, and form the capability to meet the social
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