Human Resource Management And How Does It Affect An Organization?

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One would ask the question, “What is Human Resource Management and how does it affect an organization?” According to Management Study Guide (n.d.), human resource management is the practice of managing individuals in an organization through an organized and systematic method. Human resource management affects an organization by executing the procedures and policies and warranting that the complaints of employees are taken care of. Given the different roles taken on by the human resource management, it is vital to the attainment of an organization. Today, we will be looking at three different ways in which human resource management affects an organization. One, look at how human resource management influence an organizational performance. Next, I will be sharing information on organizational culture, and then the practices of human resource management in an organization. First, taking a look at how HRM influences organizational performances. According to authors Phillips, J and Gully, S., “human resource management policies and practices add value to organization and influences organizational performances by either improving efficiencies or contributing to revenue growth.” This is to say that the effectiveness of human resource management in an organization has the ability to bring about change, meet the organizations goals, and be able to expand workers commitment, energy and accomplishments. Another way HRM can influence an organization is through its talent philosophy.
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