Human Resource Management And Human Resources

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Human resource management entails the management of the people working in an organization. These are the people who are entrusted to help meet the organizations objectives. They start from the lowest level employees to the top management. Human resource management therefore, encompasses the entire workforce who help to uplift and grow the company into the great multinational corporations they are from their inception to date. The significance of the human resources in organizations has become more evident over the years as more managers discover the relationship between organizational performance and employee retention and satisfaction. Therefore, they must strive to gain the best employees to represent their interests in the market. People who will work together to meet the organizations objectives and people who will make the organization have a competitive advantage over all others in the market. The human resources approach to management emphasizes the importance of human capital in the organization. This paper describes the role of human resource management in an organization. It also analyses the differences between personnel management and human resource management as well as the phases of human resource planning. The second part of the paper analyses the factors involved in the recruitment of employees, and factors pertaining to employee payment, job evaluation and cessation of employment. The third part of the paper focusses on employee motivation and the
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