Human Resource Management And Human Resources Planning

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The career path I chose was that of human resources the reason I chose this is because I really enjoy helping with their problems while also being able to help the big picture. This is meaningful to me besides the fact with being able to help people with their problems. Depending on the place that you work for you can also make a nice bit of money and be able to travel throughout the country. I personally do not have any experiences in working in this career field but I have helped my mother with working on some aspects of this career. She herself has been in this career for sixteen years. I have asked you a multitude of questions about this field and from her responses, she seemed interested in the different aspects and obstacles that…show more content…
One of my past work experiences influenced my perception of meaningful work because I have had jobs where I was there just for a paycheck. For example, I worked at a grocery store but I never enjoyed my job I only enjoyed the people I worked with. So working there made it feel like a chore that I was forced to do. But while I was at training for the army I enjoyed the people and the work we were doing so it never felt like work or a job to me. To me, it felt like a hobby so the time always flew by no matter what we were doing.
The person I chose to interview is Alicia D. White Long she has a bachelor 's of art in organizational communication, an MBA in human resources, an MPA in public administration. She also has sixteen years of extensive human resources experience and is an adjunct professor at Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina. When asked what made her choose the human resource career path she had this to say. "I used to watch the HR manager at Lowe 's and I admired what he was doing and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. He interacted with all the associates on the floor and I wanted what he had. I 've always been a social person and enjoyed interacting with people, so I felt that I would be good in Human Resources. The rest, as they say, is history." I asked her "What do you think are some of the benefits of the career path you chose?" and she had this to say "Some of the benefits are being able to learn things ahead of time and
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