Human Resource Management And Its History Essay

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Human Resource Management and its history To begin evaluating strategic human resource management approaches, one must first understand the concept of human resource management and how it came to be. Human resource management stemmed from what use to be called personnel management in the early 1940’s. The term human resource management (HRM) was first used in the United States and it suggests to some that “employees were an asset or resource-like machines, but at the same time HR also appeared to emphasize employee commitment and motivation” (CPID, 2016). Today HRM is still viewed in that manner, but there are key objectives that HRM strives to bring to organizations, those being staffing objectives, performance objectives, change-management objective, and administrative objectives. In order to achieve those objectives HR departments have to have plans or strategies, thus strategic human resource management was born. Tyson (1995) sums it up best, strategic human resource management is, “the intentions of the corporation both explicit and covert, towards the management of its employees, expressed through philosophies, policies, and practices” (cited in Torrington et al., 2014, p44). Theoretical Strategic HRM Approaches The main focus of research now is to see if there is a “link between strategic HRM practices and organizational effectiveness” (Torrington et al., 2014).To find out if the link does exist there are two main types of research that have been done in the
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