Human Resource Management And Labor Relations

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Name: Priyal Patel
Course name: Human Resource Management and Labor Relations in the Aviation and Transportation
Course number: 47-506-01-FA15

Human resource management in Aviation:Recruting and selection.

The commercial aviation industry is safety-sensitive, high technology and extremely competitive service industry. The implications are vast and pervasive affecting no less than the organisation’s strategy, culture, and numerous operational activities.

Responsibilities of human resources departments within aviation organisations and the skills of human resources personnel. HRM expertise in general and recruitment and selection as well as diversity and equal opportunity in particular are required now, more than ever, to spearhead the strategic development of a customer-centric,learning-oriented workforce that is capable of adapting quickly to the strategic goals and change imperatives facing the airline industry.


Two fundamental strategy are in aviation and airline industry since the beginning of aviation industry.One.concern of safety, and two, anever-increasing consumer expectation of broad service choice and service excellence. Research has long shown that accidents and poor service qualityare primarily rooted in socio-technical human factors, not technology.Sub-optimisation, or poor quality in regards to management, decision making,teamwork, employee motivation, or communication can translateinto loss of
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