Human Resource Management And Operational And Strategic Contexts

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(1). critically evaluate the role and importance of human resource management in operational and strategic contexts.
Ans: Human resource management (HRM) is a process of hiring and developing employees in an organization, such that they become and act like a strength to that particular organization. Human resource management is responsible for making the organization run smoothly and perfectly. The various operations and services that will be included in human resource management are recruitment, job analysis, administrative services, and employee relationship management. These services/operations provided by the human resource management are only to support the management and staff of the organization in their daily activities.

The most common functions performed by HRM in an organization are:
Resolving the disputes in the organization
Orienting and training
Managing wages and salaries
Recruiting the right people for the specific positions in the organization
Providing benefits and incentives
Planning personnel needs for the welfare and comfortability of the employees
Conducting the job analysis
Communicating with all the employees irrespective of their position in the organization

Human resource management services in operational context includes all the below functions:
• Management
• Hiring
• Job Analyzing
• Employee relations

Generally Human resource department is responsible for payroll management, employee data maintenance, and risk and
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