Human Resource Management And Organizational And Employee Behavior

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Like most other department managers, the primary function of a human resource manager is responsible for overseeing department functions as well as managing employees. This is why the human resource manager must be extremely familiar with every square inch of each discipline of human resource management. This includes Equal Employment Opportunities and Affirmative Action, human resource planning, recruitment, and selection, human resource development, compensation and benefits, safety and health, and employee relations. In this reflective essay I will discuss each of these disciplines and how they work together. Additionally, I will discuss which functions I believe to be the most important, and how human resource management can be optimized for shaping organizational and employee behavior. Federal regulations mandate that affirmative action and equal employment opportunity is adhered to when considering individuals for employment. Regarding Affirmative Action, the federal regulation ensures that a diverse group of applicants are considered for employment, that the organization develops and stands up Affirmative Action plans to identify areas where there is underutilization of women and minorities, and additionally develop a plan to demonstrate good faith in order to discourage and eliminate the underutilization in those positions. Working along side Affirmative Action is the Equal Employment Opportunity. Equal Employment Opportunities requires equal opportunity which is
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