Human Resource Management And Organizational Goals

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The world of business has encountered a myriad of misfortunes in the past two decades, where the best-intentioned human resource processes attempting to align human resource practices with organisational goals have become mismatched. Due to external factors such as globalization, advances in technology and changing views regarding the importance of human resources as a competitive advantage for organisations, the nature of work has been redefined (Horwitz, Heng, & Quazi, 2003). This has caused human resource management to become more than just a function, but a strategic partner within corporations that contributes to organisational success (Todericiu & Serban, 2013).

Human resource management is a role within corporations that aims to motivate and enhance the human capital inside the organisation through designing and implementing policies and practices that will add value to the business (Stone, 2013). Due to the ever-changing environment, increased competition and cost-consciousness and basic human resource activities becoming automated or outsourced provides the need and opportunity for a profound change to human resource management to occur. Organisations need to maintain their competitive advantage by adapting quickly to changing opportunities, causing a need to adapt strategic human resource practices. Human resources need to identify strategic goals of organisations to use as a basis for policies and procedures implemented on human capital, with the aim to focus
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