Human Resource Management And Organizational Leadership

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Attending college is essential for me to meet and exceed my future goals. I believe that every person has a divine purpose in life. Within this idea, everyone has a “white hot why”, essentially the glowing purpose of an individual’s life and the passionate ideals the individuals is driven for. I believe that my “white hot why” is developing others and helping them reach their purpose and find what people are passionate about to make organizations more efficient. When people are in roles and have responsibilities where they feel a sense of purpose, passion for what they are doing and have competent leaders, they produce results and this leads to effective and prosperous organizations. Therefore, the double major I have chosen, Human Resource Management and Organizational Leadership, along with the leadership initiatives I am involved on in campus, such as the Founder and President of Christian Business Leaders and the ISULeads Certificate Program, are preparing me to succeed and develop others, while being a successful leader myself. The opportunities given at Illinois State allow me to grow as an individual preparing me to reach the my goals.

I am a firm believer in servant leadership, which is the theory of putting the needs of other first and helping people, will develop people to perform at their greatest potential. I am a proactive and dynamic person, who likes working with people, and take into consideration their points of view and opinions in order to achieve…
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