Human Resource Management And Talent Development Plan

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Career Development Plan Andrea Florenz Human Resource Management & Talent Development/Argosy University Dr. Sarah Dale June 08, 2016 Introduction The purpose of this paper is to answer the given questions and explain the six components of a Career Development Plan, which are the employee learning plan, needs assessment, comprehensive development plan, roadmap to development of a career development plan, other factors in program development, individual career development plan integrated with the comprehensive development plan. Along with this paper will be a PowerPoint exhibiting the same components Career Development Plan a.Identify the information needed to develop a template that will be used to complete the individual employee’s learning plan. According to How to Develop an Employee Development Plan The individual learning plan will identify the areas you most want to develop and the most effective methods to acquire skills and improve performance. Make a list of developmental needs and review with your supervisor. For example: • I want to speak up more in meetings and make a contribution in problem solving and in expressing what I need to accomplish my goals The first step of the learning plan template will need to identify employee’s learning • I want to be more confident in my presentation abilities in small groups or when presenting status reports to my manager and to clients. • I need to build a more productive relationship with a coworker
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