Human Resource Management And The Development Of Contemporary Hospitality Industry

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Human resources management has become a critical influence factor to the development of contemporary hospitality industry. In accordance with Enz (2009), human resource management issues are the thorniest problem to hospitality managers throughout the worldwide hospitality industry. It is recorded that the turnover rate for this industry is normally from 60% to 300%,(Lee & Way, 2010).Against this background, challenges caused by the high staffing turnover rate are difficult problems in hospitality HRM. In this essay I will focus on three main challenges that are link with high turnover rate: shortage of experienced staff, low morale and productively, and high turnover cost, and then, explanation of a strategic human resource management approach which can be an effective solution to those challenges. At the last part of this essay two aspects of a human resource manager’s role would be described and explain how does the strategic human resource management approach and those human resource manager’s role relate with this three challenges.

Reasons and challenges refer to high turnover rate
Hospitality is an industry that critically depend on their human resource, employees’ customer service is the main part of hospitality production,(Kysilka&Csaba, 2014). In this case, high quality employees and employee retention should be main areas to successfully operate a hospitality company. However, high staffing turnover widely exist in hospitality industry, particularly, employees
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