Human Resource Management And The Role Of Human Resources Essay

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The changing role of Human Resources and the role of the
Human Resources Business Partner

Prepared by: Taznah Prins
Prepared for: Anita Abbott

Submitted on 16 October 2016


Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary 1
2. Introduction 2
3. Background 2
4. Literature review 3
5. Data collection plan and rationale 4
6. Conclusion 5
7. References 6
8. Appendices 6
8.1 Appendix A – Questionnaire 6
8.2 Appendix B – Email to the survey participants 8

1. Executive Summary

Several studies in the field of Human Resource Management concentrate on the importance of a Human Resources Business Partner to the organisation’s performance. Bredin (2008) notes a shift from traditional to strategic Human Resources Management and the implications for the organisation. Ulrich (1997) suggested how Human Resource Management and the role of a Human Resources Business Partner can contribute to an organisation’s competitive advantage. The objective of this literature review is to provide a reasonable understanding regarding the various roles and structures in Human Resources. It looks at changes, barriers, challenges and the implication of those changes faced by a Human Resources Business Partner when moving into the role of strategic business partner.
Adding value to the organisation’s strategic outcomes by knowing the business and applying their knowledge to implement change.

2. Introduction

Business today is competitive and driven by a precipitous market,
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