Human Resource Management As A Strategic Partner

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Human Resource Management as a Strategic Partner

Generally, when one thinks of the role of Human Resources, many people will think first of the role that HR plays in important functions such as staffing, training, retention, and the development of workplace policies. While these are all important functions for Human Resource Management, the evolution of HRM is such that it is important to think of these functions in terms of the impact they have on the overall strategic vision for the company. Key HRM functions can be split up into two different categories. These include those functions that relate directly to the employee such as staffing, retention, training and development, but also those functions that relate more to company policies and government regulations. Examples include compensation and benefits strategies, the development of basic workplace policies, and adherence to regulations that are enforced by government. Each of these functions play important roles in the implementation of an overall strategic vision for the company, and ensuring that HRM understands the role that it plays is important for making sure that HRM policies are in line with the company 's long-term strategy. One excellent example of the way in which the role of Human Resources plays out in the context of a long-term strategy is that of Walmart 's HR practices and the way they fit into the overall business strategy of the organization. With that said, in order to understand the HRM of
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