Human Resource Management Assignment

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ASSIGNMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SHEET FOR SUBMISSION OF ASSESSMENT Serial No: 40074724 Please note: 1. Assignments must be submitted on or before the date due.2. Students must ensure that they are not guilty of plagiarism which is, essentially, referring to the words/ideas of others without acknowledgment. Students must comply with the statement below. | Students Declaration The attached assignment is my own work, and has never been submitted for assessment on any other course before. Proper referencing has been made to all sources: published or unpublished works and the ideas of other persons. (Student’s Signature) Yasas Kalubowila Full Name of Student Mr. Kalubowila Prathibha Yasas Date submitted _14 Jan 2012_…show more content…
| | 9.30 am- 10.15 am | Training Room` | Introduction to Cafe Co. | ProjectorVideo on Café Co. | The video will show and elaborate on Cafe. Co History and the current standing.-History -Current Standing in the market | | 10.15am – 10.30 am | Training Room Foyer | Morning Coffee Break | N/A | Buffet Spread with refreshments | | 10.30 am-11.30 am | Training Room | Our Business and Our Goals | Video, PowerPoint Presentation & Speech | With aid of the Employee Handbook, the trainer will go through ,Company vision ,Mission,Value statement ,Goals – Long term and Short term | | 11.30 am- 12.00 Noon | Open area | Leadership icebreaker game | N/A | Trainees are divided into two groups to play the game “Magic Shoes”. Refer Appendix 1 | | 12 Noon - 1.30pm | Restaurant | Lunch | N/A | The Group will be taken for the lunch at a restaurant nearby | | 1.30pm – 2.30pm | Training Room | Employment Conditions | Presentation & Speech | The HR manager will brief on the Employment Condition and benefits given by the company * Annual Leave * Absent Reporting * Hours of work * Overtime payments * Contract | | 2.30pm -2.45pm | Training Room | Q & A | 2 wireless microphone, Facilitator | The Employees are to ask questions to clarify any doubts they have regarding the contract and the conditions | | 2.45pm -3.15 pm | Training Room |
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