Human Resource Management Assignment

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1. Locate several job descriptions that apply to the position you have selected from the list above. Military Clerk Job description Military Clerk is responsible for providing personnel administration as well as administrative support. This position forms a part of a small team that undertake a wide range of tasks using modern information and communication technology. Qualifications: To fill the position of a Military Clerk, one requires to have grade G or above in GCSE and passes in English and Mathematics. Tasks: 1)Electronic and paper filing of documents 2)Typing and writing memos or letters 3)Attending to phone calls 4)Managing personnel systems 5)Advising on training 6)Sorting out legal issues 7)Sorting out debt problem Skills: 1)Windows operating system 2)MS Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint 3)An inquiring mind 4)Strong attention to details, possessing academic aptitude and interested in preventing errors and solving problems 5)Good communication skills 6)The ability to remain calm in a crisis 7)Physical fitness 8)Honesty Training: 1)Initial Soldier training 2)Specialist training course 3)Wartime training 4)Weapons proficiency training and physical training Customer Service Rep Job description A customer service representative is responsible for creating meaningful relationshp with on behalf of the organization company by assuming total responsibility for each customer contact and by establishing that all
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