Human Resource Management At China And Japan

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“Fifth wheel employees are those who are a result of the mistake made by the human resources wing, i.e. by recruiting wrong person to the wrong job just to fill in the vacancy and then expect better performance. Further such an employee is unable to put in his best and is just an additional mass available within the organization.” ― Henrietta Newton Martin. Human Resource Management is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment, management and providing direction to people working in the organization. HRM has become a core and an integral part of any organization and is vital to success. In this paper we will be looking at practices in China and Japan and comparing their different approaches to Human Resource Management, comparing the different policies on remuneration, training and development, performance appraisals, work culture, etc. Also, China still being ruled by the communist party and Japan being a democracy, we will try to find if the different political situations affect Human Resource in both state owned organizations as well as foreign organizations. The aim of this paper to determine which, if any, approach is better towards HRM, if the approach being taken by the respective economies is efficient and optimum or better practices are required.

China although has made remarkable progress towards global market economy, but it still clings on to its ‘iron rice bowl’ mentality, which is that their jobs would be steady, provide benefits and…
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